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The area of Al Ain is 13,100 km square, and it is not surprising that life in the city is in full swing day and night. Therefore, you need a car to get around the city for day-to-day activity, and if there is no opportunity to purchase one for several reasons, a car rental from Rentop car hire UAE is here to help. With our daily car rental, you can have more freedom of movement, a more flexible schedule, and independence from public transportation. The service is equally beneficial for tourists and residents of Al Ain who want to go out of town but do not own a car or have given it for maintenance. At Rentop, we have several types of rental cars options, such as:

  • A budget car option equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable trip around the city,
  • A stylish business-class car capable of impressing business partners,
  • Powerful SUV suitable for long country trips,
  • Comfortable minivan, accommodating up to 8 passengers and other models for different tasks.

All cars at Rentop car rental UAE regularly undergo technical inspection and maintenance. Use our website’s easy search filter to select a car that most closely suits your trip requirements. Once it’s finished, choose the dates, hours, and locations you want for pickup and drop-off, and we’ll easily deliver the car to you. Contact us – call or email. Our managers will tell you in detail about all the conditions of use, mandatory requirements, and other information.

Why Settle on Rentop For Daily Car Rentals?

  • Special rental car price for clients.
  • Clean, sanitized and disinfected automobiles.
  • Modern car models in large numbers.
  • For a low cost, rent a car with insurance.
  • All modern brands are offered for car rentals.
  • Zero Delivery Fees.
  • 24/7 car rental service.

Flexible Car Rental Dubai Options

Short-Term Rentals

We pride ourselves on providing a short-term vehicle rental service with daily to monthly plans. It enables us to meet the particular needs of each customer.

Recurring Leases

For clients who require car rentals for longer than a week, Rentop has a solution. Visitors and residents of the UAE can access it with the absolute minimum of paperwork.

Lengthy-Term Leases

Our long-term programs provide a convenient and affordable commute. Our vehicles also include free service, maintenance, and 24-hour customer assistance.



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