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Weekly Car Hire Ajman at Best Price

Need an economical car to get around the city, or do you need a bigger car for official use or a big family trip? Or do you want to enjoy a luxury SUV with endless options? A rented car is a great alternative to taxis and public transport. Rentop car hire UAE will provide a clean vehicle with a full fuel tank for seven days at an attractive price in Ajman. All our cars for weekly rental in Ajman promptly undergo full technical maintenance, providing customers with comfortable service use. Moreover, in case of any breakdown that prevents the further operation of the car, we promptly change the failed vehicle to a similar serviceable one. Contact us by phone or use the feedback form for more information.

Benefits of Renting a Car in Ajman from Rentop

Ajman is one of the fastest-growing dynamic emirates in the UAE. Since it is located near Sharjah and Dubai, many individuals frequently travel between the three emirates. The historic forts make Ajman a popular tourist spot as well. Additionally, it features a thriving business community and shopping areas parallel to the best find in the United Arab Emirates. If you’re searching to rent a car in Ajman, Rentop car rental UAE can help you. 

Rentop is a trusted, reliable car hire in the UAE, offering professional services to cater to the car rental needs of customers in Ajman. Our vehicle rentals are reasonably priced and offer a selection of over 1000 luxury hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs. Book your car today with us on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis at affordable prices. Reach us by call or email.

Why Settle on Rentop For Daily Car Rentals?

  • Special rental car price for clients.
  • Clean, sanitized and disinfected automobiles.
  • Modern car models in large numbers.
  • For a low cost, rent a car with insurance.
  • All modern brands are offered for car rentals.
  • Zero Delivery Fees.
  • 24/7 car rental service.

Flexible Car Rental Ajman Options

Vacation Rentals

We take pride in providing a short-term vehicle rental service with daily to weekly plans. It enables us to meet the particular needs of each customer.

Recurring Leases

For clients who require car rentals for longer than a week, Rentop has a solution. Visitors and residents of the UAE can access it with the absolute minimum of paperwork.

Lengthy-Term Leases

Our long-term programs provide a convenient and affordable commute. Our vehicles also include free service, maintenance, and 24-hour customer assistance.



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