Rentop aims to revolutionize the car rental world. By providing solutions to problems that customers may encounter, as well as to you as a professional.

Most platforms charge professionals to display their fleets of vehicles, on the condition of subscribing to a subscription (with a minimum commitment of 6 months).

But they do not offer any order management support. As a professional, you receive many calls and messages.

Therefore, customers get tired very quickly and end up giving up. Due to the lack of responsiveness and too many exchanges without being certain of achieving their goal.

We have also found that customers sometimes waste a lot of your time without results.

Rentop Solution

We offer solutions to the many problems you encounter on a daily basis.
How would you like to receive orders from our customers without worrying about their data, marketing, management, support etc.?
We’ve thought of everything! No more worries, take advantage of the following solutions:

  • Receive confirmed and paid reservations from our customers
    Complete management interface with customer profiles and documents
    Smooth communication with customers through chat.
  • Manage your store (vehicle availability, calendar, photo and text ads)
  • Synchronize your store with store calendar
  • Reservation notification
  • Marketing
  • Software training

We are aware that there are many pressures and headaches in this field, which is why we offer to make things easier for you and help you optimize your time.



How to become a partner?

To join the platform, simply fill out the registration form, then you will be contacted by an agent who will be happy to validate the opening of your account.

Once the account is validated, what happens?

We take care to verify the authenticity of the photos, registration cards as well as the characteristics of each vehicle, to give you the “verified” badge and access to your online account.

How do I use my account?

The agent in charge of your file will offer you training on the management tool, your interface to add, modify the list of your vehicles (photos, characteristics, rates and availability).
Then we give you the link to your store that you can share with your customers.

How to manage availability?

Our tool is made available to you to manage the availability of your vehicles in real-time. You can synchronize your calendar with your store.
What is the amount of your commission? is subscription-free.



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